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Step 2 – Pay now for your Initial Audit & Credit Coaching Program ($250)

Pay now to for your Initial Audit & Credit Coaching Program ($250)
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Access to Video Library
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Text
  • Weekly Emails about Credit
  • Learn How to Rebuild Credit
  • Check Credit Status Online 24/7
  • Access to Consumer Protection Attorneys
  • Learn how to Maximize your Credit Scores
  • Access to our Large Network of Referral Partners
  • Learn How to Boost your Credit Scoress in 45 days or less

We train you on the importance of credit.

John Wilkinson is the founder of the Credit Solution Experts. He has seen how important understanding credit has been in improving his own life. And because of this John has dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by raising their credit score and taking control of their personal finances.

The Credit Coaching Program is a unique system that aims to educate with engaging videos that are both informative and fun to watch.

We hope that you enjoy learning here.

Understand what factors affect your score

Do you know all the factors that go into calculating a credit score? When you understand the 5 factors that are used to determine your score, you are instantly able to begin working on each to improve your score.*

Most people with great credit have no idea how it got that way. So even if you have great credit already, this is a lesson you will not want to miss if you plan on keeping your credit high in the future.

Learn to interpret your credit report

You will learn where to get your credit reports and scores online, and how to understand each section of your report.

We will walk you through an exercise to classify any negative items. This provides the framework from which you will form a personalized action plan.

Many people are confused about how to understand each section of a credit report. It’s no surprise really… did you know that if you have a lengthy credit history, your report can be over 20 pages long?

Understanding how to interpret all of this information about you is the first step toward improving it.

Shape your actions to keep your score up

It’s frustrating to most people when they find out that just paying bills on time is not enough to insure that you will have an excellent credit rating. The credit scoring model is looking for a responsible use of credit, and while paying bills on time is a big part of that – it’s not enough.

What is the proper way to structure your credit history going forward?

Yes, in order to have the highest possible score, you have to actually plan out a strategy that the credit scoring model views as low risk. This means having the right number of credit cards and mix of credit types. We’ll show you how to use your credit effectively in order to score well.

Once the Payment for Our Credit Coaching Program & Audit Fee has been paid ($250), someone will be contacting you soon for your Initial Audit Review & Coaching Program

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